Why Community Solar

Finally! A sustainable energy option that saves you money, protects the planet, requires no maintenance and takes only 5 minutes to join.

Community Solar is for…

Renters who want to go solar but can’t install panels on their rented property.

Homeowners just don’t have the best location for sunlight.

Businesses who can’t justify the cost of panel installation.

Green enthusiasts who think the panels are an eyesore.

Community members who don’t want to have to worry about maintenance.

Community Solar removes the problem in all of these scenarios because the panels are located on a solar farm.

Anyone who likes to save money $$$

When you sign up for Community Solar you can save up to 10% on your utility bill.

Anyone who wants to try something new!

There is no long term contract required. When you sign up, you start saving and you can cancel at any time. It’s that simple.

Heroes like you who want to save our planet!

Community solar is a sustainable energy solution that makes use of land previously cleared for other purposes, but has since been underutilized.

Community Solar is for all! Become an Energy Brother today by signing up!