Interview with Lee Evans of REWIRE Energy in the Capital Region!

Learn about the Energy Brothers, based in the Capital Region and how they are helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint with solar energy in New York! #shoplocal #familyowned #realestate #NYenergy #energy #solarenergy #solar #localbusinesses

ReWire Group on The Advocates BROADCAST – RVN TV

ReWire Group on The Advocates BROADCAST – RVN TV

Energy Brothers Community Partnerships Giving Back

A fundamental principle of the Energy Brothers is building a better community, building a tomorrow. We accomplish this by partnering with local organizations and nonprofits to give back for each community solar subscriber. Discover how we’ve partnered in the past and how your partnership could be next.

How to Sign Up

Signing up for community solar is as simple as 5 easy steps. Watch how to sign up and start saving today.

Fighting Climate Change Part 1

How to transition to a clean energy life. Together we can fight climate change by making small impacts in our daily decisions. Join the conversation on these edits to be a bit greener each day.