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Energy Brothers and Prezzie Sustainable Shopping Bags

Energy Brothers and Prezzie Bags Sustainable Bags

Anthony Gaddy

Co-Founder & President/CEO UpState New York Black Chamber of Commerce

Gina C. Gould, Ph.D

President, miSci Museum of Innovation and Science

I’m excited about the idea of reducing our carbon footprint a little bit and the money, is as you explained, already being set aside, so why not use that money, why not tap into that for my own savings!?

Glad to support and glad to save some money!

I think what the Energy Brothers is doing is great. They help reduce the carbon footprint and help people reduce their energy bill and save money on it. They’re doing a great job for the environment and a great job overall for the community.

The opportunity to be here tonight to raise awareness of who we are and what we do for our community is more than a $50 check. it’s that individual then saying the next time something was to happen to them, their spouse, their family members, their neighbor, their coworker, they can say the YWCA was there for them.