Step 3 – Live a Clean Energy Life

The idea of reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint can be an intimidating prospect, even for people who really want to try. It’s totally understandable too, because we’ve spent our entire lives completely accustomed to burning up fossil fuels without any real thought required.  In a sense, reducing fossil fuel consumption and minimizing your carbon footprint is really nothing more than a diet.  The principles are all the same, as is the ability for each person to tailor their “low-carbon” diet to their individual needs. 

There is no reason for it to be an all-or-nothing game, and low-carbon dieters can choose to reduce as much or as little of their carbon footprint as they like at any given time. When you approach the task of adopting a Clean Energy Life with the same mindset that you’d approach a new diet, it suddenly becomes a lot less unfamiliar, and a lot less scary. That’s important because a huge part of successfully adopting any change or forming any new habit is making it as easy on yourself as possible.

PRO TIP: Sign Up for Community Solar – Currently available renewable energy solutions include Community Solar, you can switch to clean energy even though you don’t want solar panels on your roof or own your own house.  Community Solar allows you to get your electricity from a remote Community solar farm at a lower cost than traditional fossil fuel sources.