Be an Energy Brother

You’re already an Energy Brother, you just haven’t joined us yet!

You are already an Energy Brother if you…

  • Work for a non-profit
  • Switched to reusable towels instead of paper
  • Turn the lights off when you leave a room
  • Have a garden
  • Use sustainable products
  • Are a community solar subscriber
  • Have done things on your own to better our world

We’re all Energy Brothers in our own right and we want you to officially join US! 

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Being an Energy Brothers means you are actively looking for ways to support your community, are making an ecological difference at home and are encouraging others to take on the title of Energy Brother!

Whether you go big, like Greta Thunberg or simple, like hanging your clothes to dry, you are an Energy Brother doing your part! Make it official by joining us on Facebook and signing up for Community Solar.

Have you already joined!?

Share with us how you’re doing your part. Post a video or a photo on our Facebook page showing us the things you’ve done to go green and let your fellow Energy Brothers know how you did it so they can do it too!